Technology can help make work better. IdeationZone is an application designed to facilitate the brainstorming process with a group (see an example). We live for that moment when two people exchange hunch and an idea is born!


Change agents can do amazing work when they work on the right things with the right people.
Sharing helps connect people! The source code for this project is made available under the MIT license at GitHub. This app leverages several projects and add-ins like jquery, jqueryui, bootstrap, vuejs, and jquery sticky note that are protected under separate open license agreements.
Openness helps people prioritize projects! In order to promote opennesss, we ask that you generally license your contributions under a free and open license.


The app walks participants through four stages:

  • Individual Ideation

    In this stage participants can create notes that capture ideas they have around a problem.  Optionally, in this stage participants can also group their ideas into categories that are defined by the board owner.
  • Team Grouping/Ideation

    In this stage participants can see all the notes that were created in Individual Ideation.  Participants can group ideas into categories that are defined by the board owner or crowd-sourced.
  • Individual Rating

    In this stage, Individuals are asked to prioritize each grouping by how valuable it is and how easy it is to execute.
  • Generate Report

    In this stage, a report is generated that prioritizes groupings as Quick Wins, Initial Successes, Business Transformations, and avoid.


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